Hi. I'm Dylan and welcome to my blog, Foodie is a Punk.

First thing you should know is that my family and I love to cook and eat healthy food, local and organic whenever we can. I think a lot of food blogs are about cooking FOR kids, not WITH kids. They are about what adults think kids will like, not what kids actually like.

I think kids want to help cook their meals and have a say what the family eats.

I'm in Upper Elementary at a Montessori School. My school always has healthy snacks and the students help cook a healthy lunch once a week, every other week, but many students STILL bring really unhealthy lunches. They bring things like pop, cookies, sugary stuff and tv dinners. Not only do these tv dinners take a long time to heat up in the microwave, but they look and smell really, really gross.

I think every kid deserves 3 healthily, delicious meals everyday.

I live in a part of Ontario that has a lot of organic meat and vegetables and fruit. We always visit farms and farmer's markets. I love visiting local farmers because I think it is a great way for kids to learn about where their food comes from.

 If you own a farm,cooking store or run a farmer's market contact me. I'd love to visit and learn more about you.
 My mom is Tracy and she has a couple of blogs too, Canadian Bohemian, The Maverick's Manifesto and No Crusts Please. She helps me with my social media accounts, photography(but I'm learning) and videos. I also like to play my drums, skateboard, do karate and listen to music.


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